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Our Core Services

We offer customized sustainability services that drive positive social, environmental, and economic impact. With an unwavering commitment to sustainability, we work with organizations across various sectors to help them navigate the complexities of today’s global challenges. Our expert team combines deep knowledge and practical experience to offer comprehensive strategies tailored to each client’s unique needs. From assessments and goal setting to implementation and performance tracking, we guide our clients on a transformative journey toward long-term sustainability. By integrating innovative practices, stakeholder engagement, and cutting-edge technologies, we empower businesses to enhance their environmental stewardship, improve social equity, and drive economic growth simultaneously. Together, we can create a sustainable future for generations to come.

Climate Action & Community Resiliency

Greenhouse Gas Inventories and Carbon Accounting Solutions

We offer Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory and Carbon Accounting Solutions to help clients assess their carbon footprint and reduce their climate change impact. We collect and analyze data on energy use, transportation, waste, and other activities to provide an accurate assessment of GHG emissions and help clients develop strategies to reduce those emissions. We use established. industry recognized and globally accepted GHG protocols to perform this work.

Climate Action and Resiliency Planning & Modeling

We provide Climate Action and Resiliency Planning services to help organizations mitigate climate risks and adapt to a changing climate. Our team of experts works closely with clients to assess their vulnerabilities, identify risks and opportunities, and develop actionable plans to reduce emissions and build resilience. We help our clients set ambitious climate targets, implement innovative strategies, and engage stakeholders and community to build momentum for climate action and adaptation. Our services include climate mitigation and adaption modeling to inform decarbonization strategies.

Climate Adaptation and Risk & Vulnerability Assessments

We offer Climate Adaptation and Risk & Vulnerability Assessment services to help organizations navigate the complex challenges of a changing climate. We work closely with clients to assess their vulnerabilities, identify risks and opportunities, and develop actionable plans to reduce GHG emissions and build resilience.

Resilience Hub Development

We specialize in Resilience Hub Development, providing comprehensive services to empower communities and organizations in building local resilience against environmental, social, and economic challenges. Our expert team collaborates with clients and communities to create innovative and adaptable resilience hubs designed to withstand and recover from disruptions, while also supporting community cohesion during normal times. From sustainable infrastructure to community engagement strategies, our Resilience Hub Development services encompass a holistic approach. We work closely with stakeholders to integrate resilient energy systems (including renewable energy, energy storage, and energy efficiency), water management, and disaster preparedness, ensuring that your hub becomes a beacon of strength in times of need, during business as usual, and recovery.

Clean Energy & Decarbonization

Clean Energy & Decarbonization / Sustainability Planning and Policy Development

We assist our clients to develop and implement innovative clean energy and decarbonization projects and strategies. This includes supporting our clients to engage with stakeholders and communities where projects are proposed or underway, supporting compliance with regulatory requirements to achieve long-term sustainability and resilience, and advising on cutting edge and meaningful policy development and implementation.

Energy Efficiency Planning, Energy Audits, and Energy Savings Performance Contracting (ESPC) Project Facilitation

We offer Energy Efficiency/Audit services to help organizations optimize energy use, reduce operating costs, and improve environmental performance. We conduct comprehensive energy audits, provide recommendations for energy efficiency measures and energy financing, and help clients implement energy management programs to achieve long-term sustainability and cost savings.

Sustainable Mobility Planning, Clean Fleet Management and Optimization, and Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Infrastructure Consulting

Our sustainability consulting firm helps organizations achieve sustainable transportation goals through mobility planning, fleet optimization, and EV charging infrastructure consulting services. We work closely with clients to assess current practices, identify opportunities, and design solutions that align with their business needs and achieve their sustainable transportation goals.

Community Engagement & Stakeholder Outreach

Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We provide Stakeholder and Community Engagement services in the areas of sustainability, climate action, resilience, decarbonization, and community benefits packages to help organizations build strong relationships with diverse stakeholders and create lasting social and environmental impact through effective community engagement strategies. We conduct this work using participatory and inclusive engagement practices resulting in empowered stakeholders and greater community acceptance. We help our clients align interests, build consensus, and drive positive change for a more sustainable and equitable world.

Workshops & Trainings

Professional Development & Workshop Retreats

We offer Professional Development & Workshop Retreats to help organizations build sustainability knowledge and skills through engaging and interactive workshops. We provide customized training programs on various sustainability topics to meet the unique needs of our clients, while incorporating Hawaiʻi’s cultural, ecological, and social context. Our goal is to empower individuals and organizations to drive sustainability performance and create positive change, while building organizational and individual capacity.

Sustainable Business Planning, Reporting, & Grant Writing

Sustainability Certification Facilitation and Support

We support our clients in achieving recognized sustainability certifications such as LEED, Zero Waste, Energy Star, and more. We assist clients through the certification process by providing performance and documentation guidance, developing sustainability strategies, and offering ongoing support to ensure compliance with sustainability standards.

Sustainability reporting (ESG) and Goal Setting (SBTi, Net Zero, KPIs)

We help clients measure, report, and set ambitious sustainability goals aligned with industry standards and stakeholder expectations. We provide ongoing support to track progress, analyze data, and report on sustainability performance to enhance reputation and drive continuous improvement.

Sustainable Business Planning and Social- & Eco-Startup Advisory Services

We offer comprehensive guidance and expertise to businesses aiming to integrate sustainability and social responsibility into their operations, relationships, and practices. We provide strategic planning and actionable solutions tailored to each organization’s unique needs, assisting them in creating long-term, environmentally conscious and socially impactful business models. We also assist clients in business development and planning for socially and environmentally focused for-profit and non-profit startups.

Grant Writing

We specialize in grant writing services meticulously crafted to secure funding from diverse sources, including federal grants, county grants, state grants, and private grants. Our skilled team excels in crafting compelling grant proposals that seamlessly align with the priorities of potential funders at all levels. From meticulous research to collaborative proposal development, our comprehensive service ensures a seamless process from inception to post-award support. Beyond successful grant acquisition, we guide you through reporting requirements and foster enduring relationships with funders, whether from federal agencies, local municipalities, or private foundations.

Natural Resources & Agriculture

Sustainable Land-Use Planning, Sustainable Agriculture Planning, Water Resources Planning

We work closely with clients to develop sustainable land-use strategies that promote conservation, biodiversity, and responsible development. Our expertise in sustainable agriculture planning helps clients implement environmentally friendly farming practices and improve resource efficiency. Our water resources planning services optimize water management, promote water conservation, and ensure long-term water sustainability. We aim to help clients create resilient and sustainable systems.

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We are dedicated to sharing our resources, skills, and expertise to make a positive impact on the community and environment.

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